Soft Breath

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Gecon presents Soft Breath , the new hairdryer with an unmistakable design.

What immediately catches the eye is the innovative shape that characterizes this product, but be careful, it's not just aesthetics: in the hair dryer, the motor draws air from the holes at the bottom of the handle, the pressurized air comes out through a hollow circular hole, which surrounds the body of the hair dryer. The particular shape of the outlet slot, due to a known physical effect, draws more air through the hollow body and thus causes a multiplication of the thrust of the impeller.

Thanks to its small motor placed on the handle, Soft Breath unlike the usual hair dryers on the market is extremely silent , without renouncing power , multiplied up to three times more.

At high temperatures, the hair undergoes a defibering process which makes it lackluster and natural. This hair dryer uses intelligent heat control which prevents damage to the fibers of your hair and scalp.

Thanks to the strategic positioning of its motor, the heaviest part of the appliance will be in your hand, giving you handling and balance that you will hardly find in other hair dryers.

Compact and silent, Soft Breath will accompany you throughout the hair styling process, giving you comfort and pleasure at the same time.

In the set you will find:

-a Soft Breath hair dryer;

-a Gentle spout, to reduce the temperature and limit damage from high temperatures as much as possible;

-two concentrators, one classic and one wider and thinner to work on several sections at the same time;

-a diffuser, to make drying your curls more natural and shiny.



630 g

3 adjustable speeds

4 heat levels

Cool button

3m long power cable

Dual voltage 220V-240V

Frequency 50Hz

Consumption 1500-1800W

Soft Breath
Soft Breath
Soft Breath
Soft Breath
Soft Breath