Innovation 2in1

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Gecon presents Innovation 2in1: a new system for straightening, polishing and styling hair.

Innovation 2in1 was born for the daily well-being of your hair. Unlike a common traditional straighteners, the comb is equipped with a heat dispersive system, thanks to which the hair, passing through its teeth, absorbs only the amount of heat necessary without being damaged.

Outside heat insulating material that does not burn in contact with the skin, inside tourmaline, a mineral which, unlike ceramic that dries and dehydrates the hair, leaves a soft, shiny and natural effect, eliminating growth from the root itself. In fact, it adapts to all hair types: short or long, curly or frizzy, thin or thick.

Why 2in1?
By removing the lid on the back, the open system with which it is provided allows the hair to be rotated around the comb to create a more defined and elastic curl.

Inside the package you will find: an Innovation 2in1 comb, two clips and a thermal glove.


LED displays

Adjustable temperature 100°C-230°C

Dual voltage 100V-240V

Frequency 50-60Hz

Consumption 33W

360° swivel cord 2 meters long

Innovation 2in1
Innovation 2in1
Innovation 2in1
Innovation 2in1